H-D® Spring Clean Combo


H-D® Spring Clean Combo

H-D® Spring Clean Combo

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Spray Cleaner & Polish

Keep your bike clean, even when you are away from home. Aerosol waterless quick cleaner/detailer is the perfect choice when the motorcycle is too clean to wash but too dirty to ride. Safe for use on metal, painted, plastic and windshield surfaces, this cleaning spray dissolves road grime and bugs for quick and easy cleaning and detailing. The spray floats dirt off the motorcycle, reduces static attraction to dust and leaves the surface with a great shine and UV protection. 11 oz (311 g) Aerosol Can.

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Engine Brightener

Make your engine look new again. Engine Brightener refreshes and rejuvenates tired wrinkle black finishes on engine cases, cylinder fins, covers or anywhere else the color has faded or lost its luster. Formulated with high-temperature silicon polymer, this detergent-resistant finish restorer cleans deep into the wrinkle black surface and "moisturizes" the finish to return the original satin sheen. Just spray it on, let it soak in and wipe away for a fresh look. 11 oz (311 g) Aerosol Can.

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Wheel & Tire Cleaner

The road provides plenty of nasty elements that can be potentially damaging to the finish of motorcycle wheels. Wheel & Tire Cleaner safely removes brake dust and road grime from wheels, tires and whitewalls in seconds. Also recommended for cleaning Harley-Davidson¨ black-coated exhaust pipes and mufflers. Biodegradable. 16 fl oz (473 ml) Spray Bottle.

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Bug Remover

Remove bugs with little effort. Bugs have natural acids in their systems that can prove to be very damaging to motorcycle finishes if not removed. Bug Remover melts away bugs and is safe for use on metal, painted and plastic surfaces, including H-D¨ windshields. Biodegradable. 16 fl oz (473 ml) Spray Bottle.

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Leather Protectant

Leather Protectant offers the most effective weatherproofing and preservative action for leather saddlebags, tank panels, gear and apparel. Specially formulated for smooth, oil-tanned leather. 6 oz (170 g) Container.

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SUNWASHª Bike Soap

This revolutionary cleaner lets riders wash their bikes where they want to - in the sun. Most bike wash products can be used only on cool days or in the shade. Sunwashª Bike Soap has a unique sheeting action that prevents hard water spots, and rinses clean even on hot days in the sun. Safe for use on all vehicle surfaces including denim paint. Biodegradable. 8 fl oz (236 ml) Bottle.

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Cleaning Brush Kit: Chamois, Spiral & Mop Brushes

  • Set of 3 wood handled cleaning brushes helps you reach into the tightest places
  • The chamois brush gently scrubs in between engine fins or can be used after rinse to soak up hard-to-reach water
  • The reverse spiral brush is perfect for cleaning tire sidewalls or those hard-to-reach spaces elsewhere on your bike
  • The soft Popsicle mop will leave your chrome wheels streak free
  • All brushes have vinyl-coated wires to prevent scratching
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 94844-10

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Synthetic Drying Chamois Cloth, 12 x 21 inch Cloth

Harley-Davidson® Synthetic Drying Chamois, 94791-01. Made of synthetic material that is safe for use on all surface finishes, the Soft Drying Towel ensures extra absorbency without streaking. Size: 12" x 21" chamois. Stays soft and supple even when dry. Durable, mildew-resistant and machine washable.


  • Made of synthetic material that is safe for use on all surface finishes
  • Soft Drying Towel ensures extra absorbency without streaking
  • 12" x 21" chamois
  • Durable, mildew-resistant and machine washable
  • Stays soft and supple even when dry
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 94791-01

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Wash Mitt - Wool Blend

This premium quality, wool-blended wash mitt features extra dense pile for scrubbing power and durability. Machine washable, this mitt attains the perfect level of absorbency and has a Bar & Shield logo sewn into the cuff. Including a thumb for added dexterity, this mitt is custom designed to be used with either hand and made specifically for washing Harley-Davidson¨ motorcycles.

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Bug Eater Sponge

When paired with water and Bug Remover or Wheel & Tire Cleaner sprays, the textured orange surface helps break down and dissolve baked on bugs and road grime without scratching the surface below.

• Tough on bugs but gentle on other surfaces
• Easy-to-grip pad features a strong, flexible core laminated with double-sided cleaning surfaces

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Harley Detail & Protect Kit

Detail & Protect Kit includes the essentials to make your bike shine.

• Glaze Poly Sealant protects against fading and the oxidizing effects of acid rain and harsh airborne pollutants
• Gloss Detailer spray delivers a high-gloss finish in the shortest amount of time. Use on paint, chrome, vinyl, plastic and windshields for added UV protection. Biodegradable
• Chrome Clean & Shine non-abrasive cleaner is formulated to deliver maximum shine on chrome-plated surfaces.
• Scratch & Swirl Repair cream removes fine scratches and swirls from gloss paint in one step
• Disposable Detailing Soft Cloths protect painted surfaces and minimize lint while waxing and polishing
• Microfiber Detailing Cloth is soft and durable for detailing, cleaning or buffing. The washable cloth can be used wet or dry, and is safe for use on all surfaces and finishes
• Detailing Swabs feature plush tips and flexible 8" shafts for detailing hard-to-reach places
• Not for use on matte, semi-gloss and wrinkle finish surfaces

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