Size Guide

How to measure correctly

Riders come in all shapes and sizes. So do MotorClothes®. Not every rider is a small, medium or large. Which is why our line of MotorClothes®offers extended sizes on select Core and seasonal products. That means gear ranging from 2XS to 5XL.

For the most accurate measurements, have someone else do the measuring, stand tall, yet relaxed and let the arms hang down at sides. Keep the tape measure snug against the body and the tape measure parallel to the ground. Measurements are to be used as general guidelines for the corresponding sizes.

Inseam: Measure along the inner leg from the crotch to the sole of the shoe or boot.

Waist: Measure loosely around the waist at the preferred height of waist-band, at the natural waist for most fits or slightly lower for low-rise and boot cut. If measuring for chaps, measure over a pair of pants or jeans for correct sizing.

Chest & Bust: For jackets and vests, be sure to measure over a shirt or light sweater for the most accurate reading. Measure just under the arms and across the chest at the fullest point of the chest.

Hip: Simply measure all the way around the body about 4 inches below the waist catching the broadest part of the hips.

Caps: Measure the head, just above the ears and eyebrows or where you want the cap band to sit.

Gloves: Wrap a tape measure around the fullest part of the hand, excluding the thumb. Be sure to measure each hand separately, and use the largest measurement for sizing.

Men's Sizes

Men’s Sizes Chest Sleeve Length Waist
Inches cm Inches cm Inches cm
XS 33-35″ 84-89cm 33-33½” 83-85cm 27-29″ 69-74cm
S 37-39″ 94-99cm 33½-34″ 85-86cm 31-33″ 69-74cm
M 41-43″ 104-108cm 34½-35″ 88-89cm 35-37″ 89-94cm
L 45-47″ 114-119cm 35½-36″ 90-91cm 39-41″ 99-104cm
XL 49-51″ 124-129cm 36½-37″ 93-94cm 43-45″ 108-114cm
2XL 49-51″ 124-129cm 36½-37″ 93-94cm 43-45″ 108-114cm
3XL 53-55″ 135-140cm 37½ 95cm 47-49″ 119-124cm

Women's sizes

Women’s Sizes Bust Sleeve Length Waist Hip
U.S Size size Inches cm Inches cm Inches cm Inches cm
0″ 2XS 32″ 81cm 29¾” 76cm 26½” 67cm 35½” 90cm
2 XS 33″ 84cm 30″ 76cm 27½” 70cm 36½” 93cm
4-6 S 34-35″ 85-89cm 30½-30⅜” 76-77cm 28½-29½” 72-75cm 37½-38½” 95-98cm
8-10 M 36-37″ 91-95cm 30½-30¾” 77-78cm 30½-31½” 78-80cm 39½-40″ 100-102cm
12-14″ L 38½-40″ 98-102cm 31-31⅛” 79-80cm 33-34½” 83-88cm 42-43½” 107-111cm
16-18″ XL 41½-43½” 105-111cm 31⅛-31⅝” 80-81cm 36-38″ 91-97cm 45-47″ 114-119cm
20-22″ 2XL 45½-47½” 116-121cm 31⅞-31⅛ 81-82cm 40-42″ 102-107cm 49-51″ 125-130cm

Women’s plus
silhouettes are adjusted proportionally for a slightly roomier fit.
Sleeve length is measured from center back.

Women’s Sizes Bust Sleeve Length Waist Hip
U.S Size size Inches cm Inches cm Inches cm Inches cm
18-20″ 1W 44-46″ 112-117cm 31¾-32″ 80-81cm 39-41″ 99-104cm 46-48″ 117-122cm
22-24 2W 48-50″ 122-127cm 32¼-32½” 82-83cm 43-45″ 109-114cm 50-52″ 127-132cm
26-28″ 3W 52-54″ 132-137cm 33-34¼ 84-85cm 48-50″ 122-127cm 54-56″ 137-142cm